CNX Free Textbooks

Any teacher worth their salt will continue working to improve and I like to think that I am worth my salt. What I have been doing lately is to research different teaching methods and strategies and then trying to incorporate them into my classroom.

However, I came across some content that I was supposed to teach that I was not entirely familiar with. So I started looking around and found a cool creative commons resource (Open Stax CNX) that is partnered with Rice University. It has numerous free and legal university level textbooks available for download. One book that I downloaded is searchable and has embedded hyperlinks, while the other is simply a color pdf version of the textbook. So, the quality varies, but it is hard to complain about free.

I found this to be especially beneficial because a university textbook is organized, like a textbook. Meaning that it was organized in a similar fashion to the textbooks my students use in class. This resource lets me find information that was significantly more advanced and in-depth than what my 6th-grade students will need to know. Helping me to learn, refresh, and be able to answer questions that curious students may have.

Pedagogical knowledge is not the be all end all. We need to know what to teach as well as how. This is one way to do so.

Check it out, and learn.