International Teacher Recruitment Resources

If you are interested in teaching overseas, a key part of that is actually getting the job. Below are a handful of websites for potential teachers to check out. There are websites and organizations that will offer free food and housing in return for you being a teacher. These organizations should be avoided as they take advantage of teachers. Teaching is a job and you ought to get paid for it. Even if you are only teaching so you can travel and experience new cultures.

Below are some good recruitment websites I have found over the years. Good luck Job hunting!

Dave’s ESL Cafe

This is primarily a website for ESL jobs but does offer other opportunities as well. The website includes various forums where you can learn more about specific schools or countries. There are also forums where you can find various ideas for your own classroom.

Teach Anywhere

Teach Anywhere generally offers higher paying jobs that are in international or bilingual schools. As they primarily advertise for international schools, you will need to be a licensed teacher. A benefit is that most of the jobs will offer nice benefits such as free/subsidized housing, roundtrip airfare, relocation allowance, professional development funds, and insurance (generally not retirement though).

Teach Away

Teach Away is a good website that has a bit of everything. It is clean and easy to navigate. They post a variety of jobs ranging from entry level cram school positions all the way to superintendent positions that manage multiple schools.

The International Educator (TIE)

TIE is focused exclusively on international school jobs. It is a subscription service and costs $39 USD per year for web only. I do not know very much about it, however, I may check it out soon. A note for those who may be wary (perfectly reasonable) the organization has been around since 1986 and is recommended by the US government, so it is likely reputable.

Finally, it is also good to go to the source. This is much harder to do overseas, but you can just do a quick Google search. For example, say you want to teach in Dubai. Just Google “International Schools Dubai.” Then you will get a list of potential jobs (Note, you will not find all the schools this way. Some you will only find if you know their names. Also try “List of international schools Dubai”)

I’m sure there are other good websites that I have missed. Which ones do you recommend?