Research Apértif: Practice Tests, Spaced Practice, & Successive Relearning

According to, an apértif is a small drink of alcoholic liqueur taken to stimulate the appetite before a meal. This research apértif is likewise designed to stimulate your mind’s appetite.

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Lit Review

1. Summary of 10 learning techniques
2. Self-explanation and elaborative interrogation hold promise, but need more classroom evidence
3. Interleaving is gaining evidence as an effective learning strategy

Most Effective

1. Spaced Practice and Practice Testing: Both have been proven in the classroom and work well for a variety of content, student ages, and student abilities
2. Successive Relearning: Combines practice testing with spaced practice across multiple sessions.

Using Practice Testing and Spacing While Teaching

1. Practice tests with feedback increase student performance, improves meta-cognition, and increases student ability to transfer what they ahve learned.
2. Regular practice testing and reduce test anxiety
3. Successive Relearning has been found to increase test performance by around 10% and increases long-term retention for months

Link To Article

Practice Tests, Spaced Practice, and Successive Relearning: Tips for Classroom Use and for Guiding Students’ Learning


Dunlosky, J., & Rawson, K. A. (2015). Practice tests, spaced practice, and successive relearning: Tips for classroom use and for guiding students’ learning. Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Psychology, 1(1), 72-78. doi:10.1037/stl0000024