End of Term

The end of a term is always hectic. You have to finish up all of your grading. Students are rushing to turn in late work before the final deadline that you set to close to your own final deadline. You have tests that need a quick turn around. And your school may have special events celebrating the term’s completion.

Teaching has its ebbs and flows, and I am ready for an ebb to come. I always find it challenging to not work too many hours because there is always more to do. And this is especially true at the end of a grading period.

That being said, I need to work less during the end of term season. I burned myself out and would likely get sick if we didn’t have a few days off. I was stressed at home and not fun to be around. Rest is important. If I don’t rest, my temper is much shorter, it takes longer to plan my lessons, and they are not as good.

As a teacher, I need to for my own health (physical and mental). And, if I am too stubborn to prioritize my health, I should at least prioritize my students by resting so they can have a well-prepared lesson with a calm teacher.

Who is resting with me?